Covid 19 – Essential Services Permit

The Wood Joint (PTY) LTD has an Essential Services Permit in the business category SUPPLY, CRITICAL REPAIR ON ESSENTIAL SERVICE.

If you feel your request falls under the category of SUPPLY, CRITICAL REPAIR ON ESSENTIAL SERVICE please use the contact us form below to submit your enquiry or contact Garrick Dunstan on 082 496 5444.

The Wood Joint PTY (LTD) reserves the right to decline to quote or perform any work if it is not in terms with Government Regulations.

The possession of the CIPC certificate is still subject to the company fully complying with the applicable Lockdown Regulations and is a record of the company¶s details. This certificate does not in itself constitute the right to continue operating during the period, and it is the responsibility of the company to ensure that it complies with the regulations. Only businesses which provide essential services in terms of the Lockdown Regulations, as amended, issued by the Minister for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs may continue their operations during the COVID-19 lockdown, and only in respect of goods or services defined as essential in the regulations.

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About Garrick Dunstan

I started in the wood industry many years ago making Adirondack Chairs and Picnic Benches. I then started building sun decks and related outdoor timber construction. We moved into wooden floors both new and refurbishments. Our activities fall under our company situated in Durban called The Wood Joint (PTY) LTD. The web address can be found at and Our number is 082 496 5444 or 031 - 762 1795.

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