Outdoor Garden and Patio Furniture

Outdoor garden furniture - Lutyens Bench

Pictured is a bench with a curved centre backrest. The benches we now make have a straight piece as the centre back rest. The curved top backrest remains as pictured.

Besides installing sundecks, wooden floors and wooden fencing we also produce a range of outdoor garden and patio furniture to compliment your outdoor wooden structures such as sun decks etc.

We’ve focused on top quality wooden outdoor and patio furniture. We don’t do flat pack. If you’re after that Makro or Game is your best bet. Our products are made to order, so taker a little longer, and are all manufactured with longevity in mind to give you many years of enjoyment.

Rain and sun always play a role in the decay of outdoor furniture and it is therefore very important to select the right timber for the product. The timber we use varies from H3 CCA Treated timber which is suitable, and guaranteed by the supplier, to last outdoors in the rain and sun for up to 50 years to balau in some of our pieces, although it is considerably more expensive than pine but it is a lot sturdier, stable and will also last many years in the sun and rain.

Depending on your budget and the product being manufactured we will advise the best timber and finish to use. We seal our products with an oil based sealer which penetrates the timber, leaving no waxy film or coating on the surface. Wax and coatings will always blotch, peel or flake and maintenance then becomes expensive due to the sanding or stripping that is required. With an oil based sealer it simply disappears as it degrades and cannot peel or flake because it is not a coating. Hence maintenance is inexpensive. You simply clean and re-apply.

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Outdoor Garden Patio Furniture – Adirondack Chairs

Outdoor Garden Patio Furniture just wouldn’t be complete without a set of Adirondack Chairs.

The Adirondack Chairs has been around for many years but today’s Adirondack chairs were designed by Thomas Lee is 1903. While on vacation in Westport, New York in the Adirondack Mountains, he needed outdoor chairs for his summer holiday home. He tested his design on his family first before arriving at a final design. He offered the final design to Harry Bunnell, a friend of his who was in need of winter income. Bunnell quickly realised the potential of the Adirondack Chair and quickly, without Lee’s knowledge or permission, registered a patent on the design and produced commercially them for the next 20 years.

Today’s Adirondack Chairs normally features a rounded back and seat with the backrest tilted backwards for comfort. There are numerous designs available today and they keep changing. We have kept ours as close as possible to the original design due to the appearance of them and the large armrests.

Outdoor Garden Patio Furniture Adirondack Chair

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There is a range of timbers that can be used. Obviously the more durable and more expensive the timber the more the chairs will cost you. Saligna is widely used as an affordable fairly durable hardwood while top end users will request these in teak or balau. CCA Treated pine works well if treated to at least an H3 level which is suitable for outdoors and carries the manufacturers guarantee of up to 50 years. So they may even outlast the teak or balau.

The Adirondack Chair is slightly pricier than a normal outdoor garden patio chair because a lot of the pieces are curved and if one is not making use of a CNC router, then these invariably need to be cut by hand using either a band saw or jig saw and then shaped to their final shape. They are therefore quite labour intensive. A lot of companies have re-designed them slightly to avoid curved pieces and make use of straight cut pieces which speeds up cutting and assembly time. However we have stuck to the original curved pieces in order to keep our design as close as possible to the original. We also only produce them in timber obtained from sustainable forestry as we have found the plastic composites just don’t match up to a piece of solid wood.

Outdoor Garden Patio Furniture Adirondack Chair

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The distinctive arm rests are larger enough to place a plate of food on with a drink on the other side. The backrest is tilted backwards and curved for comfort while the seat is contoured to fit around the legs.

We seal our Adirondack Chairs using a good quality outdoor timber preservative so that maintenance of them will be kept to a minimum. This requires no sanding and a mere clean and re-coat is all that is necessary. The timber preservative also allows the natural beauty of the timber to come through as opposed to a coating that covers that. They are also available in white-painted or any other colour really.

Other pieces are also available such as the double seater with table in the middle or without, a foot rest that is adjustable and a small side table all in the same style and design.

We don’t sell them as flat pack as we have found that flat pack will invariably break over time. Our chairs are made to last many years and I personally still have the first ones I made.

Outdoor Garden Patio Furniture Adirondack Chair

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They are also available in children’s sizes as well as youth.

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